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Vladimir Krstic
Sound Designer & Recording Producer

Vladimir has over 22 years of sound design experience. During this time, he has worked on the most prominent TV And radio stations in his country of Serbia. His tv/reality work include shows such as Big brother, Kitchens nightmare etc. including post-production sound, editing, sound design and music for intros/outros and more. He has recorded over 1300 podcasts, thousands of TV shows, over 70 documentary films, 2 feature movies and lots of TV commercials. Vladimir’s work can be found on his LinkedIn Profile below.
 Shiela Almadrigo
Network Manager

Shiela has a combined experience of 10 years working on different fields – from customer service, education, marketing to online project management. During this time she has worked with different people from different countries and backgrounds. Created SEO and online marketing strategy for several American and German companies. She also loves doing pro bono work and video promotions that are for a good cause. You will spot some of her work if you visit our Tenacious Living Network YouTube channel.  If you want to know more of Shiela’s work you can take a look at her LinkedIn Profile below.


Carrie-Ann Baron
Founder & Former Owner of Tenacious Living Network

Carrie-Ann Baron is a successful and innovative businesswoman and mentor with a healing message. She is dedicated to helping Holistic Practitioners who are feeling overwhelmed and stuck, clear their blocks and create the confidence they need to live life and to business in a way that works for them. She believes with her whole heart that everything you’ve done and everything you are is brought into your business … Your experiences, your values, your fears, your gifts.
Carrie-Ann honors and works with all of it and can teach your how to move to the other side of fear & Activate the Power of Possibilities. Carrie-Ann, is also the owner of Tenacious Living Network, which is an online radio station and podcast resource directory where she offers a holistic approach to podcasting. She offers her clients a safe place to explore the realms of the 21st century technology, and creates the space for them to discover the 7 keys to clarity, visibility and credibility.

A message from Heather Andrews & her Team: 

Tenacious Living Network aims to provide a happy and stress free life to everyone. It is a place in the virtual world where people can seek and share information about health, money, relationships, family, business, music, and other fields.

We have many Personal Growth & Professional Experts who make every possible attempt to design the show in the most interesting and informational way.  We have a wide network, which inspires every individual towards the path of success by helping them know how to deal with the worries and stress that often surround them.

So, we handle each and every matter with great carefulness and equal amount of maturity and sensitivity. We focus not only on providing you a platform for mental relaxation, but share information regarding how to maintain your health. If you are a busy person then our health related shows will definitely make it a lot easier for you to take care of your physical health.

We have the top experts who have in-depth experience in their respective fields, which definitely allow us to make our shows as much informational as possible. In simple words, we are here to make your lives better and share happiness as well. If you want to provide us some suggestions regarding our shows, please feel free to contact us anytime you want. We will be really glad to hear from you.

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