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Manifest Your Alpha

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|Manifest Your Alpha

Join Host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill as she reviews her recent podcast with Hong Wang where Hong shares about overcoming divorce in mid-life, pushing through the pain, and knowing what is standing in your way from being completely healed of the pain. Nadine talks about how you can manifest your own alpha. Get to Know Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill… Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill holds BA Psychology, Diploma of Nursing. She is the creator and founder of HATZ OFF TO SELF – ESTEEM. With over 30 years of working in the medical, educational and human services fields, Nadine noticed that many women satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of their roles in the workplace, home, and community, but are often secretly struggling with self-esteem, which in turn, affects their health. After decades of affecting change on an individual basis in that regard, and with a particular interest in optimal health, Nadine launched HATZ OFF GROUP – HATZ OFF TO[…]

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews| Life By Numbers|Kristen Dawson

Kristen Dawson, confidence coach, and best-selling author joins Heather Andrews to talk about weight loss, awareness, confidence, and mental health as it relates to those issues. She explores how confidence and weight loss are associated, and how after losing the weight you can exude your confidence without coming across as arrogant. Get to Know Kristen Dawson… Kristen Dawson is a Motivational Speaker, Coach and Best-Selling Author who is currently on tour with Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis. Built on the foundation of losing over 120 pounds and effectively managing depression, Kristen focuses on helping women create core confidence through hosting Transformation Weekend workshops, one-on-one coaching and her program, The Confident Way – 7 steps to Core Confidence. Reach out to Kristen… Business: Kristen Dawson EQ Website: https://www.kristendawson.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theconfidencecoachwithkristen

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Alpha Unleashed - Hong Wang

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill| Finding Your Space|Hong Wang

Hong Wang, a Realtor, joins Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill to talk about overcoming divorce in mid-life, pushing through the pain, and knowing what is standing in your way from being completely healed of the pain and being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and desires in the process. Get to Know Hong Wang… Hong was born and raised in China, she studied philosophy at Jilin University in China, worked as a teacher in Shenyang University for seven years and immigrated to Canada in 1993 and currently lives in Calgary.  Hong retrained herself to be a computer programmer and worked downtown, then quickly decided to become a stay-at-home mom. As her children grew, she ventured into a self-employment career, starting with a multi-level marketing company and then became a licensed RESP sales representative, and finally a licensed realtor in province of Alberta.  Hong is very enthusiastic about her work in the real estate industry,[…]

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What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews |Dear Younger Me | Donna Eriksson

Donna Eriksson, beauty expert and business owner, shares with Heather what business tips she would have told her younger self before going through the entrepreneurship journey, and what has actually kept her in her current field for over three decades. Get to Know Donna Eriksson… Innovative mentor, Donna Eriksson has been a driving force in the local beauty industry for over thirty years. Beloved by her clients, valued by her students, and respected by her peers, this premiere esthetician stands for excellence, integrity and superlative customer service.  However, her success didn’t happen overnight. Donna’s road was long, with few opportunities to seek guidance, particularly in the practical side of running a legitimate business. Thus, her latest venture, to provide both technical training as well as business skills and strategies came into being. Recognizing the need for ‘creative by nature’ salon owners to take advantage of training in how to attract[…]

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities - Todd Boyum

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews| High-Performance Habits|Todd Boyum

Todd Boyum, Author, and Coach joins Heather Andrews to talk about high-performance habits as they relate to entrepreneurs, and how you can activate your faith to supercharge these high-performance habits in order to reach the next level in your business. Get to Know Todd Boyum… Todd Boyum is the president of Reach Me Global, a coaching, training, and consulting firm located near Austin, Texas. He is a Certified High-Performance Coach and founder of the Faith Performance Network. Reach out to Todd… Business: Reach ME Global Website: www.toddboyum.com Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ToddBoyum

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Freedom From Debt

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Money Mindset | Jenn Widney

Listen as guest Jenn Widney, financial educator joins host Heather Andrews to talk about how you can gain freedom from debt and about the relationship with money and what that should look like. Get to Know Jenn Widney… After robbing her daughter’s piggy bank to pay a credit card bill that she couldn’t afford, Jenn Widney remembers thinking, this cannot be my life. How did I get here? Jenn became mortgage free at the age of thirty-three, and her experience has fuelled a passion for helping people achieve financial freedom and release themselves from the burden of debt. She is a Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Trainer and has her BA in Psychology from the University of Calgary. She loves to make finances interesting and fun, and cash flow plans are her superpower. Reach out to Jenn … Business: Financial Fundamentals Website: www.financialfundamentals.ca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/financialfundamentalsab/

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Alana Heim

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Money Mindset | Alana Heim

Join Alana Heim, Financial Expert, as she talks with host Heather Andrews about the energy of money as it relates to the mindset or underlying beliefs people have about money. What does your image of money say about you? How can you shift your beliefs about money? What is abundance by design? Listen in to find out! Get to Know Alana Heim… Alana’s vision is for every person to align with their unique wealth powers so they can positively and powerfully effect change in the world. She is a certified public accountant, a personal financial specialist, a licensed insurance agent, and a Certified Financial Planner™. She is also a certified human design specialist, a quantum alignment system practitioner, and an inspirational speaker. She wrote the chapter Money in Karen Curry Parker’s best-selling book, Abundance By Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness With Human Design, and now[…]

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Go Ahead, Be Selfish

Conscious Life-Design | Go Ahead, Be Selfish | Nathalie Golay

Join host Nathalie Golay on this episode of Conscious Life-Design as she talks about giving yourself permission to be selfish, especially when it comes to creating the life you desire. This is because sometimes you just have to put yourself first in order to identify what you want in life and because you will never be able to find your “why” if you don’t. Get to Know Nathalie Golay… Nathalie Golay is a holistic life coach, an expert in Conscious Life-Design, and author of Finding Your Why.  Nathalie uses Conscious Life-Design and her signature step by step process to help you to rediscover your innate and creative power and abundant inner resources, so YOU can take charge and YOU can craft the wonderful life you deserve. If Nathalie could tell you one thing, it would be to not give up on your dreams, it’s never too late to have a[…]

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews| The Power of Personal Development |Leslie Tremblay

In this episode, Leslie Tremblay, co-author in Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II, talks with Heather about the power of personal development, and the various personal life lessons she has learned on her journey. Get to Know Leslie Tremblay… Leslie’s ambition and education have been her pathway to achieving a rewarding career as a professional administrator. She is a lifelong learner with a ongoing desire to investigate the more intrinsic qualities in life and what makes who we ultimately become. Leslie constantly steps outside her comfort zone, both personally and professionally knowing that this is the only way one truly grows. Leslie’s passion include travel, family, community service and inspiring others to become better versions of themselves through guidance in personal and professional development. Her greatest accomplishment thus far was that at the age of 40 she gave birth to her son Dominic. She never gave up trying to be a[…]

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Candace Dyshlenko

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|Unleash Your Alpha Health |Candace Dyshlenko

Candace Dyshlenko, marketing expert, joins host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill to talk about how she unleashed her alpha health after one of the most difficult health situations she has had to face. Get to Know Candace Dyshlenko… Candace has always felt that she had something to prove. Life’s lessons hit hard and came in waves with the “hard route” at the forefront of every turn. Her last teacher was a large tumor in her chest that came with a message she heard loud and clear. Life is not about winning or losing, it’s about achieving your highest good and taking the best out of every circumstance. Some chapters in her life are painful and she knows she is not special, we all have a story, however, she feels that being broken was the best thing to happen to her. Being broken allowed Candace to break free of these chains of external validation[…]

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