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The Heather Andrews Show |Overcoming Self-Sabotage| Cari Frame

Cari Frame, Empowered Wellness Coach, joins Heather Andrews to talk about self-sabotage, what it is and what it looks like, as well as what we can do about it. Cari also explores self-kindness and what makes it so powerful. Get to Know Cari Frame… Cari Frame is a woman with a wildly eclectic resume and a heart of gold. Her varied career includes expertise in the fields of solopreneur-ship, civil engineering, crisis intervention, health ethics and, can you believe… firefighter!Cari has harmonized her broad professional skills and her passion for caring for people into her company Empowered Wellness Coaching. Cari is THE coach for you if: -you are in touch with your TRUTH but can’t seem to fully LIVE it.-your needs and dreams slip perpetually to the bottom of the to-do list. Cari Frame is a certified Co-Active Life Coach and Nutrition Coach with hundreds of hours experience connecting to[…]

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Kelli Verbosh

Amped! With Dr. Erin| Brand Clarity| Kelli Verbosh

Kelli Verbosh Kelli Verbosh, online business consultant, joins Dr. Erin to discuss the importance of laying strong foundations in your business and why clarity around your brand is a crucial ingredient for success. Get to Know Kelli Verbosh… Kelli Verbosh is a successful entrepreneur, published author, and online business consultant who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs create a branded and aligned business. Kelli is passionate about helping her clients gain more clarity, clients, and cash! She offers an integrated and full-service agency experience for her clients, taking them from concept to full implementation, helping them emerge online with a powerful brand and presence. Reach Out to Kelli Verbosh… Business: Kelli Verbosh Website: www.kelliverbosh.com 

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Pam Sherman

The Heather Andrews Show | Sexy in 60 Days| Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman Pam Sherman, health and wellness expert, joins Heather Andrews to talk about how you can get your sexy back in 60 days. Most women are busy taking care of everyone else, leaving very little time for taking care of themselves. Pam talks about how to find balance in your life and finding ways to get your body moving, in ways that YOU enjoy. Get to Know Pam Sherman… Pam has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years in areas such as group fitness and personal training. Everything changed for Pam when she was hit by a car while running. Fortunately, because her injuries were fairly minor, and she was in such great shape, her recovery time was lessened. It has now become Pam’s personal passion to spread the word to women about taking good care of themselves and their health. Pam’s tagline is your health is[…]

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Temesghen Starr

Amped! With Dr. Erin| Confidence| Temesghen Starr

Temesghen Starr Temesghen Starr joins host Dr. Erin Oksol to talk about Confidence! Want to know more about how to recreate confidence after a downfall and how goal setting plays an important part in confidence? You won’t want to miss this episode! Get to Know More About Temesghen Starr… According to Temesghen Starr, he is the best father, believer, friend, and coach. Temesghen Starr is the best selling author of You are Not Smaller Than the Room, and believes that through confidence anything can be achieved. Using this platform to coach others to the achievement of high performance is his mission through coaching sessions and motivation. Temesghen’s background in education, coaching, development, and sales have helped him to maximize and recreate himself over and over again. Reach Out to Temesghen Starr… Business: Temesghen Starr brings Early Morning Shock Website: temesghenstarr.com

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Donna Eriksson

The Heather Andrews Show |The Beauty of Business | Donna Eriksson

Donna Eriksson In this episode, Donna Eriksson, innovative mentor, and skin care specialist, joins Heather Andrews to talk about the beauty of business and to share how she has been a driving force in the local beauty industry for over thirty years. Donna shares with Heather about what sets her apart from the rest of the skin care specialists, and what keeps her going after 30 years in the field of skin care. Get to Know Donna Eriksson… Donna is beloved by her clients, valued by her students, and respected by her peers, this premiere esthetician stands for excellence, integrity and superlative customer service. For Donna, success didn’t happen overnight. Donna’s road was long, with few opportunities to seek guidance, particularly in the practical side of running a business. Thus, her latest venture, to provide both technical training as well as business skills and strategies came into being. Recognizing the[…]

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Caterina Rando

Amped! with Dr. Erin | Workshops | Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando founder of The Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle, a group of big-hearted entrepreneurs that raises money for women and girls for education and entrepreneurship training joins Host Dr. Erin to discuss how workshops can help to amp up your business. Get to Know Caterina Rando… Caterina is a sought-after-speaker, event producer and a prolific author. Her books include: Learn to Think Differently, from Watkins Publishing, released in over thirteen countries and several languages, A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle and her latest book, the ABCs of Public Speaking which quickly hit #1 in four Amazon best-seller categories. Caterina Rando passionately serves entrepreneurs and leaders on a mission. She loves sharing how to build influence and have a massive impact with public speaking, events, retreats and group programs. Her over twenty-five years of educating and empowering groups makes her truly masterful at providing a ton of[…]

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Paulette Bergounous

The Heather Andrews Show |Successfully Optimized Single-handedness| Paulette Bergounous

Paulette Bergounous In this episode, Paulette Bergounous author, consultant, and speaker joins Heather Andrews to talk about Successfully Optimized Singlehandedness (SOS). According to Paulette, six million people break a bone every year. This number does not cover all the hand or arm surgeries. Most everyone at some point will lose the function of an arm or hand, so it is a timely topic for those in need. Paulette talks about the life experiences that have led to her starting her own business, and what she learned from those experiences. Her own personal experience and expertise will be of value to those who are living singlehandedly. Get to Know Paulette Bergounous… Paulette Bergounous holds a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders. She worked in that field for over 40 years. Her years of experience have given her the skills to be goal driven and attain results. Paulette understands the impact of personal[…]

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Heather Andrews

The Heather Andrews Show | Michelle Aris

Michelle Aris Michelle Aris, landscape guru designer, is an expert in plant ID and uses her artistic abilities to create a beautiful flow in the gardens she works on. Michelle joins Heather discuss how you can increase your personal property and wellness value with proper landscape design. Get to Know Michelle Aris… Over the past 13 years, Michelle has helped hundreds of families create their own dream yards with her beautiful designs. She enjoys creating living art with what she calls “painting with plants”. It is her desire to create a legacy of love for the environment. Michelle is a passionate public speaker often giving talks to large crowds about aeroponic gardening and plant design. After completing the plant bed restoration design in 2016 for the Calgary Golf and Country Club, one of Canada’s most exclusive golf courses, Michelle was asked to speak at the AGSA conference in Canmore Alberta. When[…]

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Stela Roznovan

Amped! with Dr. Erin | Business & Personal Development | Stela Roznovan

Stela Roznovan Today Stela is joining Dr. Erin to discuss business and personal development including sales strategies, mental resilience and strategic planning. Get to Know Stela Roznovan More… Stela was born and raised in a third world country, and her Eastern European upbringing had her convinced that hard work does not get rewarded. She witnessed her highly educated, hardworking mom barely get by as a pediatrician for 18 years. Hot water was a rarity for her, her mom made her clothes, and her food came from her grandparents’ farm. Grocery shopping and eating out was not affordable. In 2006, Stela along with her mom and her sister, immigrated to the U.S., with a broken past, no clear future, and in search of one thing: opportunity. Today, Stela feels blessed to have the ability to create her own vision and turn it into reality. She works hard, that’s a given, and[…]

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Craig Nielson

Amped! with Dr. Erin | Anxiety and Depression | Craig Nielson

Craig Nielson Craig serves as a Professional Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling Author who specializes in helping women who feel insecure and anxious become fully confident and at ease…no matter what. In this episode with Dr. Erin, Craig talks about anxiety, depression and how 1 in 4 women are taking some form of medication for anxiety or depression or both. Craig will also be sharing about his experience with depression, how he overcame it and learned to thrive in life without medication. As well, Craig will share why he decided to work specifically with women. Get to Know Craig Nielson More… Having grown up in a family with all sisters, Craig has been an unofficial safe haven for female friends and women throughout the years, all who have gravitated toward him for his unique male perspective, an understanding ear, and profound guidance. Craig holds Master’s Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology[…]

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