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Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|Vision Boards | Krista Hatzitolios – Mireau

Join Krista Hatzitolios-Mireau, vision board specialist, as she talks with host Nadine Hatzitolios – McGill about how to create your own vision board and manifest your visions and dreams. If you are not familiar with vision boards you will want to listen in and find out what they are, how they work and how you can get started on your very own! Get to Know Krista Hatzitolios – Mireau… Krista Hatzitolios – Mireau was born and raised in a Greek/English family. She grew up hearing stories of a far off land, imaging the Greek culture of dancing, feasting, and family gatherings. Little did she know that her first visualizations as a little girl would one day lead her to start a business visualizing how she wants her life to be and help others to create the life of their dreams. Blissful Beginnings is the name of one of Krista’s companies.[…]

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Re-Wire Your Thoughts

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|Re-Wire Your Thoughts

Join host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill as she talks more about her podcast interview with Dr. Holly Bardutz and about new discoveries made in brain research; most importantly about how, as adults our brains actually continue to grow. Learn ways you can increase your mood and self esteem by: Being aware of your thoughts Consciously think thoughts that build self-esteem Neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to re-wire itself Get to Know Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill… Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill holds BA Psychology, Diploma of Nursing. She is the creator and founder of HATZ OFF TO SELF – ESTEEM. With over 30 years of working in the medical, educational and human services fields, Nadine noticed that many women satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of their roles in the workplace, home, and community, but are often secretly struggling with self-esteem, which in turn, affects their health. After decades of affecting change on an individual basis in that regard, and[…]

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Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|Creating Alpha Pathways | Holly Bardutz

Join Dr. Holly Bardutz, a brain researcher at the University of Regina, as she talks with host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill about how the brain can rewire itself. This is called Neuroplasticity.  By controlling our thoughts, we can rewire, or create new pathways in our brain to establish more positive, healthy patterns of thought that serve us better. In this episode, Dr. Bardutz teaches simple yet effective steps that help to build new pathways to increase self-esteem. Get to Know Dr. Holly Bardutz… Dr. Holly Bardutz became interested in the brain back in her days in pre- veterinary medicine school. She had injured her knee and had to quit school at the time. In the meantime, she took on a job babysitting a little boy who was 13 months old. She observed him as he was learning language, and at the same time her own father had developed a brain tumor and[…]

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