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Sound Wellness - Tenacious Talks Ep 02 - TLR Station

Tenacious Talks | Sound Wellness

Sound Wellness Joining us is Sharon Carne, owner of Sound Wellness. Sharon’s heart has belonged in music for most of her life. After falling in love with the classical guitar in her teens and having earned her Bachelor of Music, and Master of Fine Arts degrees, she joined the faculty of the Conservatory at Mount Royal University in 1988. In 2008, Sharon was invited to participate in a study on stress reduction sponsored by the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University. Sharon developed a program specifically for the study using a variety of sound healing techniques. At the conclusion of the program, enthusiasm was so high that the material was expanded, and the Sound Wellness program was created to bring this valuable information to a larger audience. Sharon will be sharing how the use of sound to help people in their healing is as old as civilization itself. Sound[…]

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The Intuition Principle - Tenacious Talks Ep1 - Tenacious Living Network

Tenacious Talks | The Intuition Principle

The Intuition Principle Special Guest: Angela Artemis Angela is the best selling author of “The Intuition Principle” and a personal development and intuition expert widely recognized by a global audience of more than 350,000 followers. She specializes in teaching coaches to intuitively connect to and root out the blocks that keep them stuck earning too little money. She will be talking to Carrie-Ann about how many people have inner money blocks they’re unconscious of. Discovering them and freeing themselves of this inner programming allows more money to flow into their lives! Visit http://www.poweredbyintuition.com/ The Get a new and better you! Live a healthier and happier life through the help of Carrie-Ann Baron and Tenacious Living Network (TLR Station) your podcast directory for Holistic Health and Alternative Health Solutions. Join Carrie and her guests as they discuss ways on how to reshape your reality. Check out some of her other podcasts: The Intuition[…]

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