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The Heather Andrews Show │Lisa Bovee

Lisa Bovee In this podcast interview with Lisa Bovee we will learn: The Guided by Grief Movement How Lisa has been guided by grief to change the conversation about grief and loss from private, ugly & uncomfortable to open, normal & supportive. How you can join the movement? Who Is Lisa Bovee? Lisa Bovee is bad ass mama; mimi; friend, and human. While teaching and running a successful tech writing, legal editing and book publishing business, Lisa lost her twenty-two-year-old son, Conner, in a tragic car accident the day after ‘Thanksgiving’ 2016. Lisa has been GUIDED BY GRIEF to create a legacy in her son’s name (ConnerBoveeLove.org) and she is creating a MOVEMENT to change the conversation about grief and loss from private, ugly & uncomfortable to OPEN, NORMAL & SUPPORTIVE. Lisa also speaks on the topic of grief and loss and co-hosts a podcast called Kicking Grief’s Ass with Conner’s[…]

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Ly Smith -Ep. 03- The Heather Andrews Show - Tenacious Living Network

The Heather Andrews Show │Ly Smith

Ly Smith Today’s interview with Ly Smith they will discuss: What inspired Ly to explore the next chapter in her life? What has been the biggest surprise for Ly in the past twelve months? Have there been certain persons who guided her along the path? What is next for Ly Smith in 2018? Who is Ly Smith? Ly Smith is embarking upon a new chapter in her life after living the dream of a stay-at-home to her now fifteen-year-old daughter. She is Chief Matchmaking Officer of B2B Matched, a subscription service she provides to small business owners who don’t have time to network within Reno, NV. She created this venture out of her love for local entrepreneurs and gift for making connections that positively impact the Biggest Little City. Her mission is to make Reno stronger one small business at a time, strengthening the community and churning the local economy.[…]

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The Heather Andrews Show - Episode 02 - Featuring Meagan Fettes - The Joy Coach - Tenacious Living Network

The Heather Andrews Show | Meagan Fettes

Meagan Fettes In this interview with Meagan Fettes we will learn: What is the most important focus in Meagan’s life when it comes to supporting family and a growing business? How does she create balance in her life? What’s been the biggest growth over the past year that’s helped her business while at the same time supporting family? She talks about balance and setting boundaries, what does that look like? Who is Meagan Fettes? Meagan Fettes is a proud and very active mama to two young boys. She also runs a successful business teaching Yoga, facilitating trainings and retreats around the world. She also offers one on one coaching and healing sessions. Currently with her family, Meagan is building a Tipi Retreat Center in De Winton, Alberta. Meagan’s journey has been challenging moving through abuse and addiction before landing on the path of healing and entrepreneurship, and finally motherhood. She[…]

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Heather Andrews - Ep 01 - The Heather Andrews Show - Tenacious Living Network

The Heather Andrews Show | Premiere Episode

Heather Andrews Show – Premiere Episode In this Premiere Episode of the Heather Andrews Show learn: Heather’s vision and plans for Tenacious Living Network. Her personal journey from the health care industry to health care management to coaching moms on how to balance their lives with their kids and launching their very own business. Battling mental blocks and rejection so you can achieve your personal and business goals. How her life and business got redirected and she became an international best selling author. How Follow It Thru Publishing came to be. The changes she had to go through as a business owner and how these changes were used to inspire people. Her new Holistic Vision for Tenacious Living Network & Follow It Thru Publishing: Book Publishing (Hardcopy) Ebook Publishing (softcopy) Podcasts Sertvices Audio Books Who is Heather Andrews? Heather Andrews is a lifestyle strategist and publisher who is passionate about[…]

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