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Obstacles Equal Opportunities

Obstacles Equal Opportunities Kristin Herr

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews|Investing in Yourself |Kristin Herr

Host Heather Andrews talks with Professional Life Coach Kristin Herr about how she found her voice and calling to become a life coach and how she helps people understand how important it is to invest in yourself. Get to Know Kristin Herr… Born and raised in Tupelo, MS., Kristin knew at a young age she wanted to move out of the state and explore different parts of the country while living life to the fullest. Kristin studied Marketing at the University of Southern MS but had felt led to become a Cosmetologist because she loved making people feel good and the art of the craft. She left college behind to pursue her passion and moved to Mandeville, LA when she was 22 to study Cosmetology at the Aveda Institute in Covington, LA. After graduation, Kristin moved to Santa Cruz, CA where she landed a job managing an Aveda Concept Salon[…]

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Aditi Loveridge

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews|Pregnancy and Infant Loss |Aditi Loveridge

Aditi Loveridge, certified life coach and co-author of Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II, joins Heather Andrews to talk about how in order to transform our feelings we must first allow ourselves to feel them. She also shares about what the biggest myth is that people have surrounding pregnancy and infant loss and how someone who has experienced this deep kind of loss can move through this journey. Get to Know Aditi Loveridge… Aditi Loveridge is a certified life coach and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is also the owner of Pregnancy Loss Healing, and a non-profit organization called the Infant Loss Support Centre, located in Calgary, Alberta. Aditi helps mothers who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss to reconnect with trust (and love) so they can step beyond anxiety and fear. Her work includes supporting mothers who have recently experienced loss, are trying to conceive after loss of any kind (pregnancy/infant[…]

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities - Tracy Rickards

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews|Business Skills for Success |Tracy Rickards

Tracy Rickards, small business expert joins host Heather Andrews and talks about the skills needed for new, aspiring, and experienced business owners in order to create success. Tracy talks about what mental prisons are and how you can bail yourself out if you find yourself inside of one. Get to Know Tracy Rickards… Tracy initially created Sassy Success to free herself from a corporate job that provided a significant income, but slowly and surely was killing her soul. She was unaware of the extent of her bondage or what deep revelations her journey to freedom would uncover. A business and lifestyle coach, financial expert and author, Tracy has created online products and personal mentoring programs for others seeking release from the “Golden Handcuffs” of a job they no longer enjoy. As a speaker and educator, she provides a powerful combination of the business and personal skills you require to transform[…]

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews| Life By Numbers|Kristen Dawson

Kristen Dawson, confidence coach, and best-selling author joins Heather Andrews to talk about weight loss, awareness, confidence, and mental health as it relates to those issues. She explores how confidence and weight loss are associated, and how after losing the weight you can exude your confidence without coming across as arrogant. Get to Know Kristen Dawson… Kristen Dawson is a Motivational Speaker, Coach and Best-Selling Author who is currently on tour with Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis. Built on the foundation of losing over 120 pounds and effectively managing depression, Kristen focuses on helping women create core confidence through hosting Transformation Weekend workshops, one-on-one coaching and her program, The Confident Way – 7 steps to Core Confidence. Reach out to Kristen… Business: Kristen Dawson EQ Website: https://www.kristendawson.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theconfidencecoachwithkristen

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities - Todd Boyum

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews| High-Performance Habits|Todd Boyum

Todd Boyum, Author, and Coach joins Heather Andrews to talk about high-performance habits as they relate to entrepreneurs, and how you can activate your faith to supercharge these high-performance habits in order to reach the next level in your business. Get to Know Todd Boyum… Todd Boyum is the president of Reach Me Global, a coaching, training, and consulting firm located near Austin, Texas. He is a Certified High-Performance Coach and founder of the Faith Performance Network. Reach out to Todd… Business: Reach ME Global Website: www.toddboyum.com Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/ToddBoyum

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews| The Power of Personal Development |Leslie Tremblay

In this episode, Leslie Tremblay, co-author in Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II, talks with Heather about the power of personal development, and the various personal life lessons she has learned on her journey. Get to Know Leslie Tremblay… Leslie’s ambition and education have been her pathway to achieving a rewarding career as a professional administrator. She is a lifelong learner with a ongoing desire to investigate the more intrinsic qualities in life and what makes who we ultimately become. Leslie constantly steps outside her comfort zone, both personally and professionally knowing that this is the only way one truly grows. Leslie’s passion include travel, family, community service and inspiring others to become better versions of themselves through guidance in personal and professional development. Her greatest accomplishment thus far was that at the age of 40 she gave birth to her son Dominic. She never gave up trying to be a[…]

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities |With Heather Andrews|Life Journeys |Chris Koper

Join guest Chris Koper, Landscape artist, and garden designer, as she shares with host Heather Andrews about her life journeys from a stay at home mom, making a living as a hairdresser and moving towards landscape and garden design which ultimately became her passion. Get to Know Chris Koper… As a stay at home mom and part-time hairdresser, Chris felt she needed more to fill my tank with learning and accomplishment. She became a Master Gardener, then took courses in Landscape Design. Chris then designed, built and ran the West Hillhurst Community garden and also Designed a courtyard with the 6th grade class of Senator Patrick Burns School. Chris was able to help raise over $100,000 and it appeared on a commercial for COOP Community Spaces. Chris has now stepped down from the community garden to help people design their awesome outdoor spaces! Chris’s tank now feels full with every[…]

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