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Amped! Supercharge Your Success With Dr. Erin Oksol

Dr. Erin Oksol is a Psychologist and Business Success Coach, who in the span of a few short years found herself as the owner of two successful businesses, went from overweight and unhealthy to competing and placing in several fitness competitions and she even became a fitness model at the age of 40!

She started like most of us… after earning the highest academic degree, she ventured off to simultaneously start a business as a psychologist and create a family.  Juggling work while raising babies was no small feat and soon she started  feeling uninspired, exhausted, clinically depressed and on top of that had to work 50-60 hours just to pay the bills. That’s when she had reached her “emotional rock bottom”.

From there she started asking herself “What is it that you truly want to do with your life and WHY?”, that is when she started getting answers and changing her approach to life and how she handles her business. She learned how to work smarter, not harder.

Nowadays, Dr. Erin is on a mission to help others get on their mission! She works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them clear the road map of where they are going and end each day with a sense of satisfaction for taking action towards  getting there! This is what AMPed! is all about, together with Dr. Erin we can improve your mindset – and improve your bottom line!

Complete Library:

  • Revitalize Your Energy

    • Details
  • Keep a Successful Business from Imploding

    • Details
  • Owning Your Value

    • Details
  • Peace Through Self-Care

    • Details

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