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Conscious Life-Design with Nathalie Golay

Nathalie Golay is a holistic life coach, an expert in Conscious Life-Design, and author of Finding Your Why.  Nathalie uses Conscious Life-Design and her signature step by step process to help you to rediscover YOUR INNATE POWER and Abundant Inner Resources, so YOU can take charge and YOU can craft the wonderful life you deserve. Listen in so you can learn the tools to go from stuck and unmotivated to ENERGIZED and ON PURPOSE!

Nathalie believes it is never too late to reinvent yourself.

Complete Library:

  • Conscious Life-Design | Why Being Yourself Is Essential for Conscious Life-Design

    • Details
  • Conscious Life-Design | Why Finding Your Passion is Not The Key to Self-Realization

    • Details
  • Conscious Life-Design | Stuck is Good, Anger is Good

    • Details
  • Conscious Life-Design | Personal Development, Science or Spirit?

    • Details
  • Conscious Life-Design | The Difference Between Faith and Belief

    • Details
  • Conscious Life-Design | Go Ahead, Be Selfish

    • Details

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