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Obstacles Equal Opportunities with Heather Andrews

Obstacles. Challenges. Trials.

Whatever you call them, every single one of us has had to overcome something in our lives; be that a physical disadvantage, a financial setback, a business complication, an emotional hurdle or spiritual snag. The biggest hurdle in getting through any challenge is not letting it affect the upward trajectory of our success long-term—to move past the disappointment and carry on with a glint in your eye and a shimmy in your step.

Join me and thirteen of my inspiring co-authors of Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume 2 as we delve into the topic of overcoming the odds to create successful businesses, relationships, and lives.

We aim to ignite your confidence and your drive to overcome whatever challenge you happen to be up against, with authenticity, vulnerability and good old-fashioned grit.

We also hope to help you expose the humbling wisdom in the lesson, and learn how to change your circumstances by shifting your mindset—choosing to win from now on. You’ll also discover how our brave authors learned how to thrive in the face of adversity, as they tackled the obstacles set in front of them and systematically overcame what was holding them back.

These powerful personal stories are a testament to the human spirit, and just how resilient we can be when we set our minds to it.

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