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What’s MONEY Got to do With It – With Heather Andrews

What’s MONEY Got to Do with It, based on the book by the same name, will elevate your financial thinking through real-world scenarios, while giving you fresh new tools to help you move through your current financial state into one of abundance, freedom, and peace of mind. For most of us, money is a topic we would rather not talk about openly—particularly where debt is concerned. We somehow feel that getting in over our heads financially is a direct reflection on ourself-worth. We’re here to tell you that is not the case! The one thing we know for sure is a financial success is anything but guaranteed, and even more difficult when you choose to follow an entrepreneurial path. Join us in What’s MONEY Got to Do with Itas twelve co-authors share their personal experiences with their money story, financial trials, and tribulations. Throughout What’s MONEY Got to Do with It, we explore the differences between money, value, and worth, and how we often mistakenly tie our self-worth to our financial wellbeing, our careers, and to climbing that rickety, over-burdened corporate ladder. You’ll also find solace in our lessons learned, and wisdom in the mindset tips included from each co-author, like:

– How to make non-emotions decisions about money
– How to be intentional with your business profits
– How to accept your losses with a smile
– How to focus on your freedom from debt plan
– How the right mindset and a financial plan are critical
– How to be grateful for your journey toward fiscal empowerment
– How to forgive yourself
– How to have a clear vision of your financial future
– And to remember that success is not just about your bank balance

Discover how you can walk tall and proud, regardless of your story, and how changing your relationship with money is a key element in creating a positive shift in your bank balance.

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  • What's MONEY Got to do With It?

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  • What's MONEY Got to do With It?

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  • What's MONEY Got to do With It?

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  • What's MONEY Got to do With It?

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