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TLN Hosting Community Questions

This page has been created to answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions from our Hosting Community.

What is the Tenacious Living Network (TLN)?

TLN provides a professional and polished service (a platform) to showcase your expertise and knowledge to position you as a trusted advisor.   Your content will be made available on-demand. We cannot guarantee the number of listeners; we CAN guarantee that you will look professional and accessible to all who you promote your show to.

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Who is the target demographics for station?

Our target market and current radio demographics:

  • Mostly (70%) female, affluent and intelligent
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneur
  • Educated with College Degree or University Diploma
  • Interested in products and services designed to improve oneself and reducing the stress/overwhelm in their lives
  • Willing to pay for a product they believe in
  • They are brand loyal, and encourage family and friends to buy products they like
  • Age Range: 35-65
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How is my show promoted?

  • Through our own Social Media advertising – we have a community of over 4500 people across Twitter, Facebook, LinkIn and Google+.
  • Through our hosting community. Our hosts are sharing their shows – and how to access our network with their mailing lists, friends and families.
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Do I get support with creating my podcast program?

Yes. You have 2 options:

  1. VIP-Program Development – You will have 3 calls with Carrie-Ann, Founder of the Network, to determine all aspects of your program – including show description,show format, themes and script development.  “Show Development Session” The link to book your Show Development Sessions with Carrie-Ann is http://bit.ly/TLRS_BookYourShowDevelopmentCall
  2. Self-Led Program Development – You will receive the templates to create your own program; and then we ask that you submit the completed work to us so we can work on getting your presence established on the Network.
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Am I on my own after these sessions?

NO. Our Network Manager will be in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure all upcoming recordings are scheduled and all promotion has been received.   You will have access to the Recording Producer inside the virtual recording session.

When you opt in for the VIP services – you can book one call per month with the Founder of the Network, to discuss, among other things, upcoming episode themes and content and script development. “Content Development Session”

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How often can I book content development sessions?

Carrie-Ann Baron is available for monthly content development sessions with the Host, which sessions shall individually be no longer than one (1) hour per month.  Recurring content development appointments can be set up as mutually agreed upon. Any time required by the Host in addition to the one (1) hour content development session granted herein will be subject to an hourly rate as set forth in Appendix A of the Host Agreement. **This is a premium service**

It is the host’s responsibility to request and book these sessions, as required, using the link provided below.

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How do I book a Content Development Session with Carrie-Ann?

To book a 1:1 call with Carrie-Ann, go to http://bit.ly/TLRS_BookYourContentDevelopmentSession

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What are my responsibilities as a host?

You are responsible for providing the content of the shows, providing a recap of the episode for promotional material, booking the recording sessions and securing guests for your show (if this is the format you choose).

This information is recorded on the master episode tracking sheet, located in Google drive, and must have a minimum of 2 weeks worth of content available at all times.

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What if I forget to update the master tracking sheet?

No worries. You will receive a weekly ‘upcoming summary of activity’ email from admin@tlrstation.com to 1) remind you of any missing elements and 2) confirm the promo material that we have on-file.   This also supports Carrie-Ann in her commitment to communicate with you every week.

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Are the episodes aired LIVE?

No. All shows are pre-recorded in our virtual recording studio, a minimum of 14 days in advance of being released in the on-demand format.  This will allow time for post-production efforts.

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Am I responsible for the production of shows?

No. As part of the service provided by TLR Station, we take care of all aspects of recording and post production efforts (including scheduling and uploading to on-demand library).

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How are shows recorded? Do I need to come into a studio?

All shows are recorded and produced in our Virtual Studio.  You will have a dedicated recording producer. Virtual studio recording time is discussed during show development sessions and the date/time of sessions are scheduled using an online calendar.  

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How long are the recording sessions?

The average recording session takes 45 minutes.  Please take this into consideration when selecting a time.

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How do we connect with the virtual studio?

You will join us in Zoom at the time scheduled.  Please be prepared to start recording within 5 minutes of connecting with producer.   In these first few minutes, a sound check and if required, connection with your guest.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap :
US: +16699006833,,6678498043# or +16465588656,,6678498043#

Or Telephone: Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656 Meeting ID: 667 849 8043
International numbers available:

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How do I book my recording sessions?

To book a recording session, a recording scheduling link will be provided for you. This link in turn can be sent out to your guests. 

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Am I the only expert in my field on the station? Will I have competition?

We cannot guarantee this as there is a commonality in the teachings of personal and professional development.   We do not see this as competitive, rather collaborative. Each message will be delivered differently and received differently your audience.  What resonates with one listener, may not resonate with another. It is our mission to provide the listeners as many options as possible for them to select what works best for their personal circumstances.   We are committed to providing alternative and holistic solutions to everyday problems.

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Do I own the content of my shows?

Yes, Ownership of the Podcast Show Content and Host Feature Content (collectively, “Host Content”) remains with the Host.  However, the Host gives the Company a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to re-air any Host Content in connection with the TLR including, for the avoidance of doubt, the ability to upload the Host Content to the TLR on-demand library and to use on iTunes and similar services (the “Intellectual Property License”). This Intellectual Property License ends two (2) years from the date this Agreement terminates.

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How do I view my on-demand library?

Visit http://bit.ly/TLRS_OnDemandMainArea and scroll down until you see your graphic and then click on image to be directed to your dedicated page.

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How do I download my content?

Visit http://bit.ly/TLRS_OnDemandMainArea and scroll down until you see your graphic and then click on image to be directed to your dedicated page. THEN right click on the play button and select “Save link as…” to download to your computer.

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Who creates the graphics for the website?

Our radio website is formatted professionally to have continuity across all shows on our website, this includes graphics. Graphics to represent the Radio Show will be created by TLR Station, and attributes (including font, colour and image), will be in the sole discretion of the Company. We will ask you for your business logo and a high resolution headshot to provide us a sense of your branding and style.

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Who maintains the website?

TLR Station’s support team maintains the website.  The on-demand library is updated weekly and schedule is updated monthly.

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If you still have a question after reading this document, please email admin@tlrstation.com   

Thank you,

Heather Andrews
Owner of Tenacious Living Network
Founder of Follow It Thru



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