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Apryl Dawn - Ep 13 - The Heather Andrews Show - TLN blog cover with Apryl Dawn

The Heather Andrews Show│Apryl Dawn Berringer

Apryl Dawn

Apryl Dawn talks to Heather Andrews about manifesting through fear and shares with us the following:

  • What makes Apryl an expert on fear?
  • How was she able to manifest through fear?
  • How is her life affected now by fear?

Learn More About Apryl Dawn Berringer

Apryl Dawn has been an entrepreneur all of her adult life, owning her first business of now four by the young age of 21. An avid yogi, yoga teacher, legacy lululemon ambassador, and now full time jewelry designer for her own named company Apryl Dawn Designs. She’s self grown her brand into an international name, selling in over 45 stores from her home city of Calgary, Alberta, all the way to New York City and into Europe.

She’s had the pleasure to make custom and personal pieces for a certain “dragon” from the hit entrepreneurial series dragon’s den, has been featured in OK Magazine, Flare, and on the talk show “The Social”. One of her most proud moments would be her participation in the Emmy’s Style Lounge in 2015 in Los Angeles. Currently a writer for a local magazine, designer, single and proud mama to her 6 year old son Kai, and incredibly grateful for the life experiences, both good and bad, that have crossed her path…knowing that it’s within the fires of life where the best learning occurs.

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