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The Heather Andrews Show│Awilda Gonzalez

Awilda Gonzalez

In this interview with Awilda Gonzalez, we will delve into expanding women’s roles past the wife and mother categories. Being wife and mother might be part of your life but it is not who you are.

She will answer the following questions as we go deeper into podcast:

  • How did she come to see herself more than just a mom or wife?
  • What are the myths we are told as little girls?
  • How do you build a healthy environment for your own development?

Who is Awilda Gonzalez?

Awilda González Reyes is a Puerto Rican poet and writer, with a background in Mental Health, and Women and Workforce Development, single mother of four and young grandmother to two beautiful boys. She has dedicated her career in social community work facilitating youth and adults to become self-reliant by defining, pursuing and achieving their own goals.

Familiar with the struggles women face in parenting, having a career and maintaining her own identity, she wrote her first article in 2010 which was published in Gozamos.com entitled “Single motherhood vs. Being a woman”. In March, 2011 she was the feature poet at Proyecto Latina , and in 2013, two poems closest to her heart, Allegiance and Endangered Species where published in Rebeldes: A Proyecto Latina Anthology. Has published various online articles as content writer for The Body Is Not an Apology from November 2014 – August 2015.

Currently she is turning life challenges into triumphs through motivational speaking, delving into her blog Atentamente Awilda, and building a consulting business that moves, touches, and inspires her clients into their best life.

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