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The Heather Andrews Show│Blanca Pauliukevicius

Blanca Pauliukevicius

Blanca Pauliukevicius, the bravery architect, shares with us how bravery, daring to heal our past stories, our beliefs, our self-imposed limitations can help us become who we are meant to be. Daring to leave countries, relationships, jobs, careers, businesses and whatever it takes in order to be true and kind with ourselves.

In this interview we will learn:

  • How was it like leaving her comfortable job to pursue a more authentic path in her career after 20 years of track records?
  • How did she get the bravery to take that step?
  • How have she dealt with her healing and her money mindset to reach for your goals?
  • And how does she help her clients with healing and money mindsets?

Who is Blanca Pauliukevicius?

Blanca has 20 years of experience in Auditing, Operations, and business & finance management but recently she has what it seems like a Masters in healing from the core to find your passions and align your soul and your business with the lifestyle you desire.

Her expertise has been in auditing and supporting large organizations, multinational corporations and fortune 500 companies, all the analytical work involved in performing yet using her soft skills.

The Bravery Architect

BRAVERY ARCHITECT™ AUTHOR AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & FINANCE COACH FOR FEMALE LEADERS & WORLD CHANGERS. She empowers women to Heal From The Core to Align With Their Soul so they can design the life and business they want. Blanca Empowers Ambitious Women To Heal Past Trauma Through Self-Mastery And Shifts In Money-Mindset so they can align with their purpose and thrive in their personal and professional life.

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