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The Heather Andrews Show │Cordelia Wadlington Lewis

Cordelia Wadlington Lewis

In this week’s featured guest Cordelia Wadlington Lewis discuss with us the following:

  • What advice would she offer new writers that are interested in writing?
  • What has been the most valuable lesson she has learned during her journey as a writer?
  • How does she balance being a mother and all things related to writing?
  • What does Cordelia love about the writing process?

Who is Cordelia Wadlington Lewis?

C. S. Wadlington was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys writing fictional stories that include real situations. She has two published novels, Falling and Masquerade. Outside of being a mom, spending time with family and friends, and working a 9 to 5, she writes motivational pieces and mentors new writers. Most recently, C.S. Wadlington has written two short screenplays. She loves the process of writing and is thrilled to continue to come up with exciting stories that are true to life, while uplifting others.

Find Cordelia on Facebook or send an email at authorcsw1@gmail.com .
See her blog here: http://cswadlington.blogspot.com/

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