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The Heather Andrews Show│Kelli Freese

Kelli Freese

This week we have Kelli Freese as a special guest and she has come to talk to us about Essential Oils and how they can help make you feel your best!

Topics will include:

  • How did Kelli get into essential oils?
  • What oils are best to support Thyroid health?
  • What are some lifestyle changes that are easy to implement for someone that has Thyroid issues?

Who is Kelli Freese?

Kelli is an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and as well as French and British Aromatherapy student. She helps women with Thyroid Imbalance understand what is going on with their body and helps them ease back into balance without getting overwhelmed or feeling out of control. Many of her Kelli’s clients have called her,The Hormone Whisperer, and she strives to live up to that title so that she can have it engraved on a plaque one day. Kelli resides in Austin, TX with her incredibly supportive husband, five active kids, fluffy Golden Retriever, and a very quiet Russian Tortoise.

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