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Marcia O'Malley - Ep 08 - The Heather Andrews Show - Tenacious Living Network - Blog Cover - Video Production for Social Media Marketing

The Heather Andrews Show│Marcia O’Malley

Marcia O’Malley

Marcia O’Malley is a video production maven and she’s here with us to share how to use video for social media marketing! So join us and learn:

1. Why is video important for business?
2. How is video being used in social media?
3. Should you hire a professional or make your own video?

Learn More About Marcia

Marcia O’Malley is a story teller and founder of Mindful Media Services. She uses video to share stories of amazing people, remarkable businesses and exceptional organizations. Stories that help make connections, increase awareness and understanding, and ultimately, build a stronger community.

20 years ago, she gave birth to a beautiful boy named Ian who has Down syndrome. With the mama bear ferocity of any parent, she’s spent a great deal of those 20 years advocating for people with disabilities to support and share not just Ian’s but everyone’s dreams of a bright future. She lives with Rick, her husband of almost 30 years, and Ian on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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