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Intuition and the Law of Attraction - Uncovering the Universe - TTS Ep 57 blog cover featuring Kjarlune Rae

Tenacious Talks | Intuition and the Law of Attraction

Intuition and the Law of Attraction Let’s talk about the mysteries of Law of attraction and Intuition. How do they affect us and the outcome of our lives. Who is Kjarlune Rae? Kjarlune is Canada’s Top Clairvoyant Kjarlune Rae. Works with police, clients, T.V. radio and teaches the law of attraction through the eyes of the Universe. Showing you how to live a life without limits. The Get a new and better you! Live a healthier and happier life through the help of Carrie-Ann Baron and Tenacious Living Network (TLR Station) your podcast directory for Holistic Health and Alternative Health Solutions. Join Carrie and her guests as they discuss ways on how to reshape your reality. Check out some of her other podcasts: The Intuition Principle Kickstart Communications 3 Keys To Creating A Life You Love Cobblestone Health You can also visit Carrie and Clifford Edwards‘ The Inspired Leaders Podcast and learn[…]

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Take Bake Your Life - Standing Firm in the Midst of Disaster - TTS Ep56 blog cover featuring Brian Fleming

Tenacious Talks | Take Back Your Life

Take Back Your Life Human resilience expert. Combat-Wounded War Veteran, International Author and Speaker, Resilence Trainer for the US military Brian Fleming shares with us how to how to stand firm when everything around you is blowing up and take back your life. Topics in this podcast will include: 1. How do the world’s most resilient people move beyond tragedy and overcome? 2. What do you think is one of the biggest obstacles that holds people back from moving forward beyond pain and trauma? 3. In your book “Redeployed: How Combat Veterans Can Fight The Battle Within and Win The War at Home”, you talk about ‘Release Valves’. Can you tell us more about what exactly that means? 4. What was the single greatest lesson you learned that allowed you to begin moving forward again? More about Brian Fleming Brian Fleming served as a Team Leader in an Infantry Platoon[…]

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Nutrition And Our Environment - Nutritional Deficiencies - TTS Ep55 blog cover featuring guest Dr Alicia Mazari-Andersen

Tenacious Talks | Nutrition And Our Environment

Nutrition And Our Environment In today’s podcast we will be looking into topics that deals with nutritional deficiencies and our environment. Some of the things that we cover are: In your opinion, what is happening with our food supply at the environmental level? How are these environmental factors affecting our health? From your holistic nutrition point of view, do you believe it is necessary to use nutritional supplements? Meet the friendly Nutritional Consultant RHN, PhD Dr. Alicia Mazari-Andersen, PhD, has a Bachelor and Masters’ degrees in Biology, and a Doctorate degree in Botany. She is also a registered holistic nutritionist, which applies to her Biology background. She is a nutritional coach, educating both individuals and groups. Her vision has been to improve people’s lives through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, by encouraging people to eat REAL FOOD. Dr. Mazari-Andersen loves to teach and wishes that her passion will have a positive[…]

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Finding Freedom After PTSD - Dealing with PTSD - TTS Ep54 blog cover with guest Steve King

Tenacious Talks | Finding Freedom After PTSD

Finding Freedom After PTSD Steve King talks about finding freedom after PTSD. Know more about Steve Has a B.Sc. degree in Health and Human Services and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. He is an avid runner and triathlete who has held six national age group records, has raced at Ironman and Ultraman triathlon distances and has been a member of Canada`s national 100km team. In 1997 he was the first BC runner to finish in the BC Marathon Championships and had outright wins in the Kamloops 50km and the Haney to Harrison 100km events. In 2001 he became only the second Canadian ever to finish the 135 miles Death Valley race. In 2012 he was inducted into the BC Athletics Hall of Fame and is in the Frontrunners Walk of Fame in Victoria, BC. He was the publisher of `Tri-Fit Quarterly`, a national triathlon magazine, author of a triathlon training[…]

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Get Loved The Way You Need - Relationship Dynamics - TTS Ep53 blog cover featuring Eileen Head

Tenacious Talks | Get Loved The Way You Need

Get Loved The Way You Need What are the things we need to know to build stronger, lasting relationships? Join Carrie-Ann Baron and special guest Eileen Head as they take on the following issues: Are there personality patterns that we might be unaware of that are sabotaging our relationships? Why is understanding your relationship dynamics is so important to connection How can learning your personality transform all your relationships Enneagram Personality & Relationship Expert Eileen Head Eileen is an Enneagram Personality & Relationship Expert, Coach, and Speaker. She is a Bestselling Author of “Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?” where she shares how after divorce she figured out the couple dynamics of what happened through Enneagram Personalities. She is co-author of Frock Off Living Life Undisguised and When Women Talk. Eileen has been called the “Relationship Whisperer” as she assists people to create connected and loving relationships. With the “Get[…]

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Living Fully Awakened Life - Tap Into Your Awesomeness - TTS Ep52 Blog Cover featuring Gerald Rogers

Tenacious Talks | Living Fully Awakened Life

Living Fully Awakened Life Join the vice president of all things awesome, Gerald Rogers! This podcast will cover the following topics: How did you get so awesome? What keeps people from experiencing more awesomeness? How Can I become more Awesome? Know more about Gerald Rogers GERALD ROGERS is an internationally known best selling author, speaker, seminar leader and hypnotist that has been featured on the TODAY SHOW, NBC, Huffington Post, TEDx, and stages across the country. Gerald is passionate about teaching individuals how to reprogram their minds to work for them rather than against them so they can create the health, wealth and relationships they desire. Visit his site: www.GeraldRogers.com Or his Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/geraldrrogers The Get a new and better you! Live a healthier and happier life through the help of Carrie-Ann Baron and Tenacious Living Network (TLR Station) your podcast directory for Holistic Health and Alternative Health Solutions. Join Carrie and her[…]

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Meals Maven 2017- Plan Easy Nutritious Meals - TTS Ep 51 Blog Cover featuring Stacy Westman

Tenacious Talks | Meals Maven 2017

Meals Maven 2017 Let’s discuss planning for easy and nutritious lunches! In today’s podcast you’ll learn: Why does planning for lunches matter? Is planning for kids the same as planning for adults? What are some of the best things to remember when planning lunches? Stacy Westman the Meals Maven With a passion for food and nutrition, Stacy runs The Meals Maven, a client-centered nutritional coaching service with an emphasis on personalized meal planning and custom-tailored recipe development. With almost 15 years of experience running her own household kitchen, she has delved into the many different challenges facing all of us- picky eaters, food allergies and sensitivities, budget shopping and cooking, and time crunched schedules. In teaching meal planning, nutrition, and frugality in the kitchen, Stacy is uniquely positioned to share her practical, no-nonsense approach to extending to your grocery budget and still eat well. Facebook page: facebook.com/themealsmaven The Get a new[…]

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Your Holistic Earth - A Friends To Mankind Sponsor - TLN Blog Cover

Friends To Mankind | Featuring Our Sponsor Your Holistic Earth

Your Holistic Earth – A Friends To Mankind Sponsor Your Holistic Earth is one of the primary sponsor of Ally Johnson as she cycles throughout Canada to help end poverty. Listen to her as she interviews DeeAnne Riendeau, founder of Canada’s Alternative Health care system, to learn more about what they do and their why. Ally Johnson will also share how being a part of the Your Holistic Earth Community has affected her cause, business, and personal mission.      

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SeaToSea Cycling To End Poverty - Week #9 Forecast With Ally Johnson Blog Cover for Tenacious Living Inc

SeatoSea with Ally Johnson | Cycling To End Poverty – Week 9 Forecast

Cycling To End Poverty – Week 9 Forecast Let’s join Ally Johnson as she shares with us the expected events and places that they will be doing and visiting for the 9th week of SeatoSea Cycling to End Poverty.     The   Interested in knowing more about Ally Johnson and her fight to end poverty by cycling from sea-to-sea? Visit her other podcast here at Tenacious Living Network – home of your holistic health podcasts : What is Cycling to End Poverty? Friend to Mankind & Daigle Bike Living. Giving What is Sea2Sea Cycling to End Poverty? SeatoSea Cycling to End Poverty is a cycling mission focused on empowering people out of the cycle of poverty through fundraising and awareness. Poverty is real. Over 800 million people live in extreme poverty and nearly half the world lives on less than $2.50 / day. Sea to sea is working towards[…]

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