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Alpha Unleashed Shane Zack Hewitt

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|Aliging Your Alpha | Shane “Zack” Hewitt

Shane “Zack” Hewitt radio personality, joins host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill to talk about overcoming the fear of speaking publicly, letting go of what you expect your outcome to be, how not to measure yourself against others, and why having a title after your name doesn’t matter. Get to Know Shane “Zack” Hewitt… With more than two decades of radio broadcast experience, Shane “Zack” Hewitt brings a wealth of communication and creative experience into the lives of his clients. Unlock My Words allows space for authentic living, feeling understood, and intimacy in your life, through the examination of language and words. Reach out to Shane “Zack” Hewitt… Business: Unlock My Words (Executive Media Inc) Website: http://www.zackhewitt.com Facebook: ZackHewitt Twitter: @zackhewitt

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities Kristin Herr

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews|Investing in Yourself |Kristin Herr

Host Heather Andrews talks with Professional Life Coach Kristin Herr about how she found her voice and calling to become a life coach and how she helps people understand how important it is to invest in yourself. Get to Know Kristin Herr… Born and raised in Tupelo, MS., Kristin knew at a young age she wanted to move out of the state and explore different parts of the country while living life to the fullest. Kristin studied Marketing at the University of Southern MS but had felt led to become a Cosmetologist because she loved making people feel good and the art of the craft. She left college behind to pursue her passion and moved to Mandeville, LA when she was 22 to study Cosmetology at the Aveda Institute in Covington, LA. After graduation, Kristin moved to Santa Cruz, CA where she landed a job managing an Aveda Concept Salon[…]

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What's Money Got to Do With It, Todd Schmekel

What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Getting Back on Track | Todd Schmekel

Investment specialist Todd Schmekel joins host Heather Andrews to discuss how many times in our lives we are faced with negative events which can take a toll on us, but usually, we have friends or family around to help support us. However, when it comes to negative financial situations, we often find ourselves alone to deal with those. Todd will discuss some strategies to help get you back on track financially. Get to Know Todd Schmekel… Todd Schmekel is an expert in helping long-term serious investors reach their goals. He works to understand what is important to the people he works with by really listening to their needs. He builds personalized strategies in order to help them realize their financial goals and partners with them to ensure those goals become a reality. Todd has a Masters of Education in Leadership and Teaching from the University of Calgary and has completed[…]

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Obstacles as Gifts

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|Obstacles as Gifts

Host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill reviews her recent podcast interview with Micayla Wilson, entitled The Alpha Factor, and shares about how obstacles that come up in our lives can be viewed as gifts. Nadine reviews how, despite her chronic pain, Micayla pushes forward and out of her comfort zone to accomplish what she wants to and you can too! Get to Know Nadine Hatzilolios-McGill… Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill holds BA Psychology, Diploma of Nursing. She is the creator and founder of HATZ OFF TO SELF – ESTEEM. With over 30 years of working in the medical, educational and human services fields, Nadine noticed that many women satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of their roles in the workplace, home, and community, but are often secretly struggling with self-esteem, which in turn, affects their health. After decades of affecting change on an individual basis in that regard, and with a particular interest in optimal health, Nadine launched HATZ[…]

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Micayla Wilson

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill|The Alpha Factor |Micayla Wilson

Host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill talks with Micayla Wilson, an accountant by trade and lover of dance, about the challenges she has faced with lymphedema and how the two came together meeting in a dance class. Micayla shares how her tenacious and positive spirit keeps her going each day no matter what challenges she is facing in the moment. Get to Know Micayla Wilson… Micayla is an accountant in Lethbridge where she lives with her husband and large temperamental cat. In her free time, she enjoys dance, video games, board games, music, and reading. Reach out to Micayla… Business: Shaw and Associates Chartered Accountants Website: www.shawaccountants.ca

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Heather Andrews and Ariana Kane

The Heather Andrews Show | The Truth About Network Marketing | Ariana Kane

Integrative wellness and life coach and network marketer Ariana Kane joins host Heather Andrews to talk about everything you have ever wanted to know about network marketing including some truths, myths, major advantages, and even some flaws, as well as an event not to miss. Get to know Ariana Kane… Ariana Kane is a bright, energetic Entrepreneur passionate about truth, transparency, mindset, freedom lifestyle and being an ambassador for positive change and what’s ‘possible’. She, like many, has traveled down many roads from a degree in psychology to running and building her own financial services business to now being a professional Network Marketer. She is passionate about raising the standard of skill set, mindset, and belief for ALL those with a Side Hustle In Networking to show up collectively to the world with more confidence, professionalism, and posture. Reach out to Ariana… Business: The Shin Dig Website: www.theshindig.ca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theshindigevent/

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Face Your Fears

Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill | Face Your Fears

In this episode host, Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill reviews her recent interview with Carla Hampshire called Claim Your Alpha. Nadine shares about the best ways to overcome your fears and face them head-on. What is fear anyhow? F-alse E-vidence A-appearing R-eal. What are some of the fears you would like to overcome in your life? Tune into this episode so you can gain valuable knowledge on how to face your fear and step into your alpha zone. Get to Know Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill… Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill holds BA Psychology, Diploma of Nursing. She is the creator and founder of HATZ OFF TO SELF – ESTEEM. With over 30 years of working in the medical, educational and human services fields, Nadine noticed that many women satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of their roles in the workplace, home, and community, but are often secretly struggling with self-esteem, which in turn, affects their health. After decades of affecting[…]

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Alpha Unleashed with Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill| Claim Your Alpha Power|Carla Hampshire

Wellness coach and author Carla Hampshire joins host Nadine Hatzitolios-McGill on this episode of Alpha Unleashed to talk about overcoming your fear so you can claim your alpha power and live a more fulfilling life. How do you overcome your fear and what helps you stay committed to your goals? Find out on this episode of Alpha Unleashed! Get to Know Carla Hampshire… Carla Hampshire is a Motivational Speaker, Wellness Coach, and Author of the book Healthy Body for Life – A Guide for Women Over 40. Through her book and inspirational speeches, Carla shares her message about the importance of living a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. “It all begins with overcoming the fear that holds us back from ‘more’ and stepping into our power – no matter our age.” Carla took on the world of competitive bodybuilding at the age of 46, earning her Pro Card in[…]

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Aditi Loveridge

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews|Pregnancy and Infant Loss |Aditi Loveridge

Aditi Loveridge, certified life coach and co-author of Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II, joins Heather Andrews to talk about how in order to transform our feelings we must first allow ourselves to feel them. She also shares about what the biggest myth is that people have surrounding pregnancy and infant loss and how someone who has experienced this deep kind of loss can move through this journey. Get to Know Aditi Loveridge… Aditi Loveridge is a certified life coach and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is also the owner of Pregnancy Loss Healing, and a non-profit organization called the Infant Loss Support Centre, located in Calgary, Alberta. Aditi helps mothers who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss to reconnect with trust (and love) so they can step beyond anxiety and fear. Her work includes supporting mothers who have recently experienced loss, are trying to conceive after loss of any kind (pregnancy/infant[…]

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Obstacles Equal Opportunities - Tracy Rickards

Obstacles Equal Opportunities | With Heather Andrews|Business Skills for Success |Tracy Rickards

Tracy Rickards, small business expert joins host Heather Andrews and talks about the skills needed for new, aspiring, and experienced business owners in order to create success. Tracy talks about what mental prisons are and how you can bail yourself out if you find yourself inside of one. Get to Know Tracy Rickards… Tracy initially created Sassy Success to free herself from a corporate job that provided a significant income, but slowly and surely was killing her soul. She was unaware of the extent of her bondage or what deep revelations her journey to freedom would uncover. A business and lifestyle coach, financial expert and author, Tracy has created online products and personal mentoring programs for others seeking release from the “Golden Handcuffs” of a job they no longer enjoy. As a speaker and educator, she provides a powerful combination of the business and personal skills you require to transform[…]

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