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The Secret To Captivating Your Audience?
...It's not what you think
Are you an Author, Speaker, or Workshop Leader
ready to take your business to the next level?
It's no small feat. There are a number of people out there offering the same services as you. You are working towards similar clients, similar goals, and it may feel sometimes like you are all offering the same services.

Everywhere you turn, you hear that you need to be unique. Show what your differences are. You hear mumbo jumbo of your unique selling point or unique identifier. Sometimes that feels like a tall order.

So what should you do? How do you stand out ?
Become An Expert!
It's true! Being an expert in your field is a great way to grow your business. People will trust you and work with you when they feel you know a lot about what they need or want.

But how does this happen?

We have learned that it takes approximately 10,000 hours learning about your field to make you an expert, but how do you show that to everyone else?

What do well-paid online experts have that you don't?
Credibility let's people trust you and believe you know what you are talking about. When there is no credibility people feel you may not be able to help them.
We have been helping build their credibility since 2014. Some of our clients have increased their bottom line and one of our clients has been offered to be a host on a radio show.

How does this work?
Professional Quality Recordings

Production Services

Sound like a professional radio host, not an amateur from the basement. We have years of experience in professional recording, editing, and production to make you sound clean, clear, and like an expert


We work with you directly to bring out the host in you and help you build the type of show that will benefit your business and grow your credibility.


We create unique graphics for your show that are used in promotion. You will be given these graphics to use on your website or your own social media posts to promote your professional recordings.


We distribute your new episode on all of our social media platforms. We currently reach over 100,000 people and
it keeps growing.
What You Get With Our Podcast Host Packages

Professional Recording Producer &
Sound Engineer

Your recordings will be handled by an experienced producer. This will give your audio a leading edge and sound as though it was produced in a state-of-the-art studio.

Full Program Support
You are not left alone to fend for yourself. You will have support every step of the way which will take away confusion.

Done For You Show Format & Script Templates
Take the guesswork out of your show with our ready-to-use templates and formats created by our experienced team.

Exclusive Host Resource Area
What does this include and why do they want it?

Show Banners*
Professionally created show banners for your use. Can be used on your website, in social media,
or anywhere else you would like to promote your show.

Feature Page on Website*
What does this include and why do they want it?

Full Transcription Services*
Have your episode transformed in to a readable downloadable PDF for those who prefer to read the information instead.

Show Blog Activated*
What does this include and why do they want it?

Custom YouTube Videos*
We can turn your audio podcast into a YouTube video using static images that are synced with the audio giving you a broader reach and utilizing the great search engine results YouTube gives.

Email Support
We are with you every step of the way and are avaialble to answer questions via email.

Hands-Free Post Production Service
Leave all the technical stuff to us.
This will save you time and patience as we take care of all the ins and outs of putting together your final audio product.

Access to Virtual Recording Studio Calendar
What does this include and why do they want it?

Guest Relations Support
What does this include and why do they want it?

Sponsorship Request Templates*
What does this include and why do they want it?

Branded Episode Graphic*
Graphics are created for your show for each episode. These can be used in your own marketing, website, or social media posts.

Promotional Support*
What does the support include and why do they want it?

Global Distribution*
Your show will be distributed to 4 of the largest podcast resources in the world. This gives your show the ability to be seen and heard by a much larger audience.

Expert Directory Listing*
What does this include and why do they want it?

Branded Podcast Channels on 4 platforms*
Do you want your own channel on iTunes Stitcher? We will set up your show to have it's own channel and update it with each new episode.
* Not available in all packages
So You Can Quickly Build...
  • A library of content that can be used in any way you like.
  • Credibility with the quality of your shows
We distribute the shows we produce to multiple platforms like:
What Experts Think About Tenacious Living Network
We have worked with people from all over to build their presence and their credibility
through professional audio recordings.
Richard Schultz
  • if you are looking to produce a podcast to get your message out into the world, I can highly recommend Tenacious Living Inc. Tenacious Living has supported me every step of the way from coaching to build a plan and keep the program on schedule, to editing and graphics production and website promotion. It took all the work out of it so I could focus on what I do best in the best possible way - my message and my passion! Thank you Carrie-Ann!
Mona Cooley
Cool Family Solutions
  • Carri-Ann takes care of you by making sure you are satisfied and checking in to see what else is needed. I finished doing 12 podcasts with her team and the professional results are exemplary. I learned from the experiences along with the tips offered to provide the best shows. The first month, 450+ individuals listened to the podcasts. I highly recommend her!!

Why Choose Tenacious Living Network & Carrie-Ann Baron?
When it comes to the production of online audio contents, you need a team that can help you create an unforgettable online presence. With the help of an experienced online audio content producer, you’ll soon be established as a polished expert in your field.
image-photographyOur Executive Producer and the owner of Tenacious Living Network, Carrie-Ann Baron, knows what it like to start into uncharted territory when it comes to technical stuff. She searched high and low for the all the 'do-it-yourself' ways to record her own podcast series. What she quickly found is that it takes ALOT OF TIME AND EFFORT to record, produce and distribute her own show. After 6 months of 'going it alone' it was very apparent that she needed help. She said YES to hiring a professional team to do that work for her. And this is how Tenacious Living Network was founded.

At Tenacious Living Network and Supersonic Productions, we provide you with the resources you need to establish your online presence. We’ll help you choose the platform that fits you best, provide the team and broadcast ready professional content. Our professionals have worked in both radio and television, creating sound design and production.

We provide you a worry free, effortless system to produce your audio content with the very best quality.

Our recording producer brings over 25 years of sound design experience. During this time, he has worked on the most prominent TV And radio stations in his country of Serbia. His tv/reality work include shows such as Big brother, Kitchens nightmare etc. including post-production sound, editing, sound design and music for intros/outros and more. He has recorded over 1300 podcasts, thousands of TV shows, over 70 documentary films, 2 feature movies and lots of TV commercials.

The owner of Tenacious Living Network has interviewed over 150+ motivational and success experts from around the globe in just 3 short years!
Sandy D'acey
Sounds Within Voice Coaching
  • The results have been impactful as I expand my business - not only from a marketing standpoint, but for me personally. Her efforts were beyond the extra mile in providing me with tools to assist me in writing specific content and in the process, it helped hone my program. I am very grateful for the diverse expertise Carrie-Ann has shared and look forward to continuing my process through her guidance.
Jennifer Joy Frederickson
Soul Success Guide / Master Fearless Living Coach
  • Working with the Tenacious Living Team was simple and gave me a high-quality product. They made me feel at ease and took care of all the technical stuff, so I could sit back and focus on what I do best … teaching and motivating my clients!

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