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Breathe with Nature and the Horse - Tenacious Talks Ep 29 - TLN

Tenacious Talks | Breathe with Nature and the Horse

Breathe with Nature and the Horse

Are looking for a powerful alternative to your healing or self-discovery path? Imagine Life Coaching combined with Horse and Nature. #learnmore

In this interview, Lorraine shares how Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning brings back an awareness of self and reminds us how to let our spirit soar.

Lorraine Meisner is the founder of “Circles of Nature” which offers a unique style of Life Coaching. She partners with nature and horses to help people explore their life’s potential, and work towards gaining inner harmony and clarity in a times of change!

Visit http://circlesofnature.weebly.com/ for all the details!


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Join Carrie and her guests as they discuss ways on how to reshape your reality. Check out some of her other podcasts:

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