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Healing Hands, Healing Hearts - Tenacious Talks Ep 12 - TLR Station Cover

Tenacious Talks Showcase | Healing Hands, Healing Hearts

Healing Hands, Healing Hearts

Joan Brooks left a 6-figure job as an air traffic controller to fulfill her mission of helping women know their magnificence, their true worth and value. Along the way she ran into her own demons of “not good enough”. Fortunately, she discovered how to transform those damning voices into ones of encouragement and support. Today, she has helped hundreds of people quiet those voices and come home to their authentic, shining selves.

Learn a simple, yet effective technique that will help them to counteract those gremlins in their heads that say “You can’t.” and “You’re not good enough!”




Get a new and better you! Live a healthier and happier life through the help of Carrie-Ann Baron and Tenacious Living Network (TLR Station) your podcast directory for Holistic Health and Alternative Health Solutions.

Join Carrie and her guests as they discuss ways on how to reshape your reality. Check out some of her other podcasts:

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