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The Heather Andrews Show | Adele Lepine

Adele Lepine

In this episode relationship coach Adele Lepine joins us at the Heather Andrews Show to talk about the book “What’s Self Love Got To Do With It?” and what you wish you were taught about relationships in school!

Adele & Relationship Coaching

Adele Desjardins-Lepine has faced many adversities in her life. Some people look for escape in self-destruction or addiction…but not Adele. She has taken the lessons learned through pivotal points in her life to become codependent no more.

Adele is a child of divorce and a divorcee herself. She and her ex-husband have learned how to co-parent through communication and learning to lift the other partner even if they are not willing to reciprocate. Today, Adele is a Relationship Coach, advocate for emotional survival and passionate about the well being of others. She has learned that when you trust, that is where the magic happens.

She is dedicated to raising her 2 girls in Drumheller Canada. She is full of gratitude, a pillar in her community, and a kick ass friend! She is excited to share the principles taught to her through positive psychology on how we strengthen our relationships, challenge our beliefs, understand love and choose happiness to succeed.

Where To Find & Connect With Adele

Business: Adele D. Coaching
Website : www.adeledesjardins.com
Facebook Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/adele.lepine

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