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Benjamin Rosenthal

Ben is an independent trader/investor who writes a blog to promote financial literacy. Before that, he worked in the United States as a financial advisor, holding both investment advisory and life and health insurance licenses. He set up contingency plans for families in case the breadwinner dies or becomes unable to work. He helped those in debt find paths to work their way out. But his specialty was retirement planning.

He established retirement plans for businesses and nonprofits. He showed people a low-cost way to receive simple yet advanced (hedge fund-level) advice on what to select in their employer-sponsored plans. And he crafted sophisticated, tailor-made strategies for clients to transition into retirement and stay retired. Ben is also a passionate advocate of finding and living one’s purpose in life while also being of service to others, and he’s started “Share Your Passion,” a meetup group for like-minded individuals.

This Week’s Podcast Topic

In this episode, Heather and Benjamin will discuss:

  • Benjamin Rosenthal’s investment philosophy
  • Listen to him elaborate on how to get the most bang for your buck, controlling how much we pay in costs and how to be careful not to confuse cost with value.
  • Learn about his spiritual awakening and how it occurred during his time as a financial advisor.


Get In Touch

Business: Benjamin Rosenthal
Website: https://steemit.com/@benrosenthalft

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