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The Heather Andrews Show | Corby Furrow

Corby Furrow

The Heather Andrews Show welcomes Corby Furrows back with a very insightful conversation. Join them today to learn:

  • How to overcome stress & anxiety
  • How to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in your life? And what would happen once you’ve incorporated it into your life
  • Transformational coaching and what’s holding you back to reach your goals and move yourself forward
  • How to tap into our Mindfulness through EFT and the science behind it.

Who is Corby Furrow?

Corby is a Transformational Catalyst that changes the relationships that women live their lives by both personally and professionally so that they can impact the word by doing what makes them come alive.

Working in a male dominated industry for over 24 years as an HR professional. This has given Corby lots of insight into how companies’ function and not function. During her time she always felt that there was something missing. We have all the right tools but not much is changing. There had to be more. Once she lost her job it catapulted her into discovering “what that more was” and also to discover the power of her feminine side and to embrace it.

Through to tools of coaching and Emotional freedom techniques she has freed herself from the self imposed beliefs that were holding her back and now she is helping others to find their internal and emotional freedom.

Where To Find Her Online:
Business: Radiant Core Solutions
Website: www.radiantcoresolutions
Facebook Page: Radiant Core Solutions


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