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The Heather Andrews Show | Dr. Stacey Cooper

Dr. Stacey Cooper

In today’s Heather Andrews episode we welcome Dr. Stacey Cooper as she talks about being a co-author and the launch of the book “What’s Self Love Got To Do With It?“.

Learn More About Dr. Stacey Cooper

Doctor of Chiropractic, holistic health and wellness expert, lifestyle coach and author, Dr. Stacey Cooper initially created Lifestyle Balance Solutions in an immediate response to suffering her own health crisis as a result of not having balance in her life. She was unaware of the extent of her strength or what this life-altering experience would uncover for her and her family.

Stacey’s ‘rediscovery’ of what it takes to be healthy in this crazy world, and her journey to the realization of a deeper relationship with herself and her family, led her to ultimately find the way to balancing her life and restoring her health. Dr. Stacey has created online products as well as personal mentorship programs for her patients and clients. With her own chiropractic practice, and success stories of her patients and clients, Dr. Stacey has been featured in many different media: radio interviews with Gayle Carson and Darlene 360, internet radio with Cheryl Ginnings and podcasts with Susan Cristallee. As a speaker, Stacey inspires audiences by sharing her story, her discoveries and the strategies that continue to help her optimize her health and well-being. Being an advocate in self- discovery, self-love and revitalization, she is making a positive difference.

Where To Find & Connect With Dr. Cooper

Name of Business: Lifestyle Balance Solutions
Website: www.drstaceycooper.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/drstaceycooper
Facebook Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/DrStaceysNation

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