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The Heather Andrews Show | Nichole Jacobs

Nichole Jacobs

Nichole Jacobs shares the story of her life. What her life was like before she discovered EFT and meditations. She then further shares the climax of her depression and anxiety. And through it all join her as she talks about over coming those hurdles and leading a different life today.

Get to Know Nichole Jacobs

I am a southern-raised 36 year old wife, and mother to 3. One more blessing on the way. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and registered dental hygienist. My Catholic faith has been greatly enhanced by adding in self-help tools such as EFT and meditation. These combined have brought out of my introverted, too-reserved, awkward state, full of anxiety and depression, and into my current state of vibrancy, passion, and hope. It is my goal in life to help others discover who they are meant to be, and therefore bringing their authentic selves into the world, by helping to strengthen their faith and using these amazing tools.

Where To Find Her Online:

Business: Volo and Modere
Website : www.njacobs@Volo.com. njacobs@modere.com

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