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The Heather Andrews Show | Shauna Marie MacDonald

Shauna Marie MacDonald

Shauna Marie MacDonald joins Heather Andrews to discuss how to find the one good thing in diversity. Join them and learn how:

  1. How do we find something good in cancer?
  2. Feeling lost and alone after cancer treatments end.
  3. Best place to start to find ease when fear and overwhelm prevail

Learn more about Shauna

A native Canadian, Shauna currently resides in Calgary, Canada near her eldest daughter, grandchildren and friends. Yearly trips to visit her two younger daughters and grandchildren in St.Louis USA and Barcelona, Spain enables Shauna to connect with family and indulge her passion for travel.

Shauna walked the 800 km through France and Spain along the Camino de Santiago Trial. A forty day pilgrimage where she connected to others through the wisdom of gratitude.

Thrive Beyond Cancer, stems from the loss of Shauna’s ex-husband, Ron from cancer. During the final days of his life, he shared a profound realization that for him “Cancer Gave More Than It Took”.

Shauna began researching the scientifically proven restorative practices to heal Physically – Emotionally & Spiritually after cancer: The 8 Pillars To Thriving Beyond Cancer are the results of her findings.

Find Shauna online:

Business: Happy by Design
Website: https://shaunamarie.ca/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShaunaMarieMacD
Facebook Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/thrivebeyondcancer/

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