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The Heather Andrews Show | Stefanie Miller

Stefanie Miller

Stafanie Miller is one of the co-author of the book “What’s Self-Love Got To Do With It?“, an expert in the field of Paramedicine and First Responder Mental Health. She’s joined by our host Heather Andrews to discuss topics relating to PTSD and growing despite the adversity.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Growth through adversity,
  • How she lived and continue to work with PTSD?
  • Can one ever be cured from PTSD?
  • Does Stefanie ever relapse?
  • What to do to stay healthy?

Stefanie Miller, A-EMCA

Stefanie joined the County of Brant Paramedic Service in 2009 after graduating with honours from Conestoga College, where she was awarded the Mature Student Award. She has also been named the recipient of Conestoga’s 2017 ALUMNI of DISTINCTION Award. She worked with the Region of Waterloo Paramedic Service until December 2015. Stefanie spent six years between the two services as a part time paramedic and single mother of two juggling both work life and family commitments the best she could in order to support her family and make full time hours for seniority, eventually achieving a full time position.

An Ontario Land Paramedic, Stefanie is currently the Wings of Change facilitator for the Brantford branch offering peer support meetings to the First Responder/Front Line Worker Communities where she currently serves. Stefanie is a mother, wife, Paramedic, PTSI, survivor and advocate. Stefanie was diagnosed in 2000 with PTSD/PTSI after suffering in silence for 7 years. Stefanie serves as a volunteer (10 yrs) and College Liaison for the Tema Conter Memorial Trust. Stefanie offers her message through public speaking sharing a glimpse of her journey in an effort to help others struggling with mental health injuries and provide a voice for those who feel they are without. She is valiantly committed to her advocacy work surrounding Mental Health and the First Responder Community. To further her message Stefanie has embarked upon a new adventure where she is a contributing author to a new compilation book called, “What’s Self Love Got To Do With It” which launches in June 2018.

Certified in M.A.N.E.R.S., A.S.I.S.T. and Road To Mental Readiness, (R2MR) training, Stefanie is the R2MR instructor for Brant County. Currently, she is enrolled in the Simon Frasier Trauma Prevention and Recovery program. Stefanie is an active participant in the development of a peer support program and currently sits on a committee with The County of Brant developing a new C.I.S.M. Wellness team.

Where To Find & Connect With Stefanie

Name of your Business: Stefanie Speaks
Website: https://www.stefaniespeaks.com/
Twitter account?: @Stefimed17605
Facebook Business Page?: @Stefanie.E.speaks

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