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Paulette Bergounous

The Heather Andrews Show |Successfully Optimized Single-handedness| Paulette Bergounous

Paulette Bergounous

In this episode, Paulette Bergounous author, consultant, and speaker joins Heather Andrews to talk about Successfully Optimized Singlehandedness (SOS).

According to Paulette, six million people break a bone every year. This number does not cover all the hand or arm surgeries. Most everyone at some point will lose the function of an arm or hand, so it is a timely topic for those in need. Paulette talks about the life experiences that have led to her starting her own business, and what she learned from those experiences. Her own personal experience and expertise will be of value to those who are living singlehandedly.

Get to Know Paulette Bergounous…

Paulette Bergounous holds a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders. She worked in that field for over 40 years. Her years of experience have given her the skills to be goal driven and attain results. Paulette understands the impact of personal change can make on ones quality of life. She also sees the potential in each person to overcome the challenges inherent in change.

As a two-year-old, Paulette survived one of the deadliest and contagious diseases – polio. Polio came with ongoing health and emotional challenges. These struggles threw her into an ideal training arena where she learned to master adaptation.

However, Paulette’s real breakthrough came later in life. She wasn’t prepared to lose the mobility and physical freedom she worked so hard to regain. Something called post-polio syndrome had other plans for her though. Going through a second and permanent loss led her to discover the mindset and skills you need to thrive in spite of whatever life throws at you.

Reach out to Paulette Bergounous…

Business: SOS With Paulette

Website: https://www.soswithpaulette.com

Facebook: SOS with Paulette

Twitter: @SosPaulette

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