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Donna Eriksson

The Heather Andrews Show |The Beauty of Business | Donna Eriksson

Donna Eriksson

In this episode, Donna Eriksson, innovative mentor, and skin care specialist, joins Heather Andrews to talk about the beauty of business and to share how she has been a driving force in the local beauty industry for over thirty years. Donna shares with Heather about what sets her apart from the rest of the skin care specialists, and what keeps her going after 30 years in the field of skin care.

Get to Know Donna Eriksson…

Donna is beloved by her clients, valued by her students, and respected by her peers, this premiere esthetician stands for excellence, integrity and superlative customer service.

For Donna, success didn’t happen overnight. Donna’s road was long, with few opportunities to seek guidance, particularly in the practical side of running a business. Thus, her latest venture, to provide both technical training as well as business skills and strategies came into being.

Recognizing the need for ‘creative by nature’ salon owners to take advantage of training in how to attract clients, Donna now provides mentorship they can use to maximize their success. Their progress has become her passion. As Donna succinctly puts it, “I teach the ‘Beauty of Business’ to people in the ‘Business of Beauty’,” although certainly, her expert insights are valuable to any business owner in any field.

Reach Out to Donna Eriksson…

Business: Raven Advanced Esthetics

Website: ravenesthetics.com or donnaeriksson.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Raven-Advanced-Esthetics-238928639565441/

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