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The Fear Trap - Timeless Teachings Vault Ep 10 - TLN

Timeless Teachings | The Fear Trap

The Fear Trap

Allowing Fear to Be the Reason Not to Change. Let’s get enlightened with these particular topics of discussion:

  • Get clear about what FEAR really is, not just what you think it is.
  • Learn the rules you require to rise above whatever is in your way.
  • Find new strength in Awakened Attention.

Meet Rae-Ann Wood-Schatz

Rae-ann’s approach to coaching and facilitating is eclectic and focused on providing support in all areas, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her philosophy is pulled from the diverse training and background she has acquired and is grounded in the belief that people intuitively know what they need and often require support and guidance on how to find their way back to their intuitive self.

Her educational background includes a BA in Psychology, several Masters Level Social Work courses and Masters Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Shamanic Coach and Practitioner, Facilitator and Creation Circle Leader with The Creators Code and Certified Facilitator of The Samurai Game.


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The Timeless Teachings Vault is a collection of interviews by Carrie-Ann dating back to 2014. The podcast aims to introduce  her influential teachers and mentors along her path of self-discovery.   The knowledge and experience that these individuals have shared with her are truly timeless teachings!


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