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Tired Of Dealing With It - Timeless Teachings Vault Ep 06 - TLR Station Cover

Timeless Teachings | Tired Of Dealing With It

Tired Of Dealing With It

Want it all to go way and just be better…without “dealing” with it?

  • Learn about Energetic surgery.
  • Find out what Energy Psychology is.
  • Understand the difference types of Hypnotherapy.

Meet Ruth “Jenna” Kuhlen

Ruth “Jenna” Kuhlen has been dedicated to people’s personal, physical, mental, and emotional development for over 25 years. In her teenage years as a competitive swimmer she also volunteered as a coach for special needs children who were competitively swimming, while taking coaching courses. This led her into personal training courses and eventually working at gyms as a Personal Trainer while doing her training for Medical Aesthetics, which she has been practicing for over 20 years. She still utilizes these skills today. Going back to her roots of helping people strive for their best lives possible, she studied to become a Meditation Instructor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Ruth’s true passion for helping people realize their full potential while leaving their baggage forever behind is what inspired her and still does today.


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