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Manifesting Emotional Balance - Timeless Teachings Vault Ep 05 - TLN

Timeless Teachings Vault | Manifesting Emotional Balance

Manifesting Emotional Balance

– Inner Focus and Outer Flexibility as a way to maintain emotional balance.
– How spiritual practices awaken your Inner Knower; dissolving karma and illusions, and avoiding unnecessary distractions.
– Methods that Dr Richard Jelusich uses in his daily life, including gratitude and grace, that help him to maintain emotional balance.

Dr. Jelusich is an author, teacher, gifted spiritual energy healer, experienced international speaker, and ordained Reverend, who has produced 22 episodes of Metaphysics 101 for educational television. As a strongly gifted intuitive, Dr. Jelusich sees that you are a luminous being of light experiencing a physical existence.

Richard accurately reads how your soul-quality infuses itself into your waking personality. While uniquely blending energy work, spirituality and science within his workshops, public speaking events and private sessions, Dr. Jelusich continues to offer new ways to demystify metaphysics. Offering wonderful choices in personal awareness, Dr. Jelusich helps clients/ students self-empower through honoring their natural gifts and inner truth. Dr. Jelusich has developed a powerfully transformational – two year, 18 level, Spiritual Healer’s Training for the Whole Human Being program, teaching over 435 students in both Canada and the U.S.

Dr. Jelusich is a core faculty member at the California Institute for Human Science and on the board of directors. He has taught: Karma and Reincarnation, Spirituality and Consciousness, and Psychology of the Chakras (based on his books, Eye of the Lotus, and I Can Relate).

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