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Worldly Connektions Radio – From Life to Living a Legacy

From Life To Living A Legacy

A message from Janet:

I first met CeCe Clark when I was a volunteer at a Lisa Nichols and Steve Harvey event in Atlanta. She was the director of global partnerships for Motivating the Masses, a multimillion dollar publicly traded company founded by CEO Lisa Nichols.

We spoke for about 2 minutes, enough time for me to tell her I was from Edmonton, Alberta and for her to say she would be in Edmonton speaking at eWomen (another organization we have in common) the next month. We connected again then and I have come to admire CeCe’s business ethics and her passion to help other women move forward.

She is an entrepreneur, speaker and creator of the entrepreneurial predictive income system, CeCe Clark helps passionate and determined entrepreneurs get the coaching, confidence and cash they need to build the dream business that supports their dream life.

You can connect with CeCe at cececlark.com

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