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Intentional Possibility

Message from Janet:

Dr. Sergio William Sedas is a Best Selling author and international high-human-potential trainer. He uses intentional possibility to cause positive transformation in life, communities, and organizations. 

His newest book is Intentional Possibility: The Magic of Happiness and the Power of Change. He is one of the nicest caring person/educator I know.

For over twenty years, Sergio has studied and engaged in possibility and cognitive science to create engagement, intrinsic motivation, creativity, learning, increased self-confidence, and resiliency in students, adults, and organizations. His work in learning through understanding and possibility influenced the design of a national program to develop self-confidence, resilience, and passion in first-year undergraduate students.

He has been a keynote speaker and trainer for corporations, governments, TEDx, 
universities, and nonprofit organizations seeking to use the power of possibility.

Funded by NASA, U.S. Air Force, National Science Foundation, and CONACYT, Dr. Sedas received two Master’s degrees and a PhD in robotics and computational design from Carnegie Mellon University. There he worked on numerous initiatives including ASE (Automated Simultaneous Engineering) and DANTE, the first robot in history to enter a live volcano in Antarctica.

Website URL: http://www.sergiosedas.com

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