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The Dance Of Good And Bad - WisdomWays Radio Ep 9 Cover

WisdomWays Radio | The Dance Of Good And Bad

The Dance Of Good And Bad

Bad Boy! Good Girl! Everyone has had some conditioning around the archetypes of Good/Bad Girl/Boy and no matter what beliefs and behaviors you took in reaction to this, you will have lost or given away some of your power here. What role did you take on in for your life? Have you always strived to be ‘good’ and lost the risk-loving, trickster, naughty qualities of the ‘bad’? Or did you take on the ‘bad’ and rebel role and lost the sense of your goodness? Have you never felt ‘good enough’? In this podcast, we will explore the seductive shadows of good and bad. You will discover that no matter what role you have taken, ‘good or bad’, there was both power lost and power gained. It is now time to discover and embrace your opposite to become ‘the good’ of owning and being it all.


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