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Worldly Connektions | Catch Your Star

Catch Your Star

A message from Janet:

I met Maggie in 2011 when we were both studying with Marcia Wieder, the Founder of Dream University. Maggie had just started her “WOW” – Women of Wonder group for women and making a difference in her community. Today she is shining her Star far and wide and helping others Catch Their Star!

Special Guest Maggie Schreiber

Maggie Schreiber captivates audiences with her vibrant, approachable style. She is able to connect with the audience at a heart level as she inspires dreams, and transforms lives. Her passionate and creative talks engages the audience as she delivers insightful and compassionate solutions to overbooked schedules, business challenges, life transitions and forgotten dreams, acting as a catalyst to creating a life of abundance, harmony and joy. Recognized as an expert in building women’s community, Maggie is the founder of Women Of Wonder a spiritually based group of self-discovery. She nurtures women to know they matter and their dreams goals and desires, matter. Maggie shares the power of a women’s group in her book “Catch Your Star” which she is a co-author along with many other amazing women.


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