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An Entrepreneurial Champion For Women And Community -Worldly Connektions Ep 30 Cover

Worldly Connektions | An Entrepreneurial Champion for Women & Community

An Entrepreneurial Champion for Women & Community

There are many people out there who have influenced wonderful changes in my life …and today, my guest, Caterina Rando is certainly at the top of the list.

I first met Caterina when she was speaking on stage at a workshop I was attending in San Francisco, California. At that workshop I put my name on the list to be considered as an author an upcoming book Caterina was doing to help women entrepreneurs develop a product. Long story short, she “personally” called me and asked me to do a chapter in the book Power to Change. The chapter she asked me to write was about journaling.

If you go to my website Family Connekt you can download that chapter, my gift to you. Listen to our conversation as Caterina shares her love of giving and what she is doing about it as well as some of her programs, the power of community -on and off line.

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