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Gratitude - What Are You Thankful For? - Worldly Connektions Ep 04 - Tenacious Living Network - Alternative Wellness Podcasts blog cover

Worldly Connektions | Gratitude – What Are You Thankful For?

Gratitude – What Are You Thankful For?

Special Guest Daphne McDonagh is grateful to her parents for not allowing doctors to harvest her organs after a near fatal car accident that left her with a closed brain injury, while in a coma on life support.

They were told if she survived she would be a vegetable…in Daphne’s words “I look pretty good for a carrot” When Daphne was 15 she suffered a massive brain injury. She had been living in pain for almost 20 years when she discovered the amazing healing properties of magnets and crystals.

Learn more about her at http://www.daphneshealinghands.com/about.html


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