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Worldly Connektions: Your Holistic Earth

Your Holistic Earth

In today’s episode, Janet is talking with DeeAnne Riendeau, founder of Your Holistic Earth; which is the first Holistic Health Care system in Canada which removes the barriers for the public and providers by making alternative health more affordable and more accessible.

DeeAnne will be answering these questions and more:
What is your formula for living a life you dream of want and love?
Why is it important for people to go after what they are “called” to do?

DeeAnne Riendeau underwent a Near Death Experience at age 5 and lived with illness for much of her child and teen years which led her to a 15 year career in health care. She has worked in various capacities as an EMT, a Dental Assistant, and as a health care instructor in colleges throughout Alberta.


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