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Write To Empowerment Join Janet and Perdita in this episode to seek the answers to the following questions: What inspired Perdita to create “Write to Empowerment”? How has this business impacted her life? What’s next for Write to Empowerment? Worldly Connektions Special Guest Perdita Chivers Perdita is a mom of two boys, partner, realtor and now “creator.” She is always seeking and finally finding, a natural born cheerleader. She also loves photography, wine, and words (not always in that order)! Facebook: Website URL: The Interested in other Worldly Connektions Podcasts ? Listen to other topics on Tenacious Living Radio Station – Worldly Connektions: Premiere Episode How To Screw Up And Change It Creating Exceptional Women Leaders Your Holistic Earth  A Letter To My Daughter If you are looking for new releases that talks about your Holistic Health, subscribe to us and don’t miss on any new podcast! The

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